Affects, Neurotransmitters, and Immunocompetence

by Donna Lou Udelman and Harold D. Udelman

Stress Medicine (Volume 7, Issue 3, pp. 159-162) 1991
  • Nursing/Medicine

Twenty-five individuals participated in a three month study of associations between depression, hopefulness, neurotransmitters, and immunity. Fifteen subjects were diagnosed as Major Depression (DSM-III); ten were ‘normals’ who had no psychiatric history, no major medical disorder, and were taking no medication. Psychological testings included three Gottschalk verbal sample scales, the Zung depression scale and the Udelmans' Social History Index. Physiologic measurements included neurotransmitters, 5-HIAA, CBC and immune parameters. All testings were done at the onset and three months later. Data were scored, analyzed and compared between groups and within the groups. Findings are presented and hypothetical constructs discussed. Implications for future studies are suggested.