The Will and the Ways: Development and Validation of an Individual-differences Measure of Hope

by C R Snyder, C Harris, J R Anderson, S A Holleran, L M Irving, S T Sigmon, L Yoshinobu, J Gibb, C Langelle, and P Harney

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Volume 60 Issue 4, pp. 570-85) 1991
  • Psychology

Defining hope as a cognitive set that is composed of a reciprocally derived sense of successful (a) agency (goal-directed determination) and (b) pathways (planning of ways to meet goals), an individual-differences measure is developed. Studies demonstrate acceptable internal consistency and test-retest reliability, and the factor structure identifies the agency and pathways components of the Hope Scale. Convergent and discriminant validity are documented, along with evidence suggesting that Hope Scale scores augmented the prediction of goal-related activities and coping strategies beyond other self-report measures. Construct validational support is provided in regard to predicted goal-setting behaviors; moreover, the hypothesized goal appraisal processes that accompany the various levels of hope are corroborated.