Big Think Videos

The following videos are part of our collaborative series with Big Think.

Humans Emotional Creatures or Are We Rational? | Yale Psychologist Paul Bloom

How "Rude" New Yorkers Treated One Muslim Woman after Trump's Election | Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

Your Mind Is So Powerful It Creates Your Reality: What Isaac Lidsky Learned by Going Blind at Age 25

America’s Next Moonshot: Cut Poverty 50% by 2030 | Jeffrey Sachs on JFK's Optimism

Optimists Decide the Future | "Wired" Founder Kevin Kelly

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Damn about Us | Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss on Optimism

Quadruple Amputee Kyle Maynard Is a Photographer, Wrestler, and Inspiration Machine

Is Hope for Weak People? One Man's Journey through Life with MS | Richard M. Cohen

The Science of Optimism: How Gender, Age, and Race Affect Your Outlook | William Magee

How Cognitive Biases Bend Reality: Private Optimism vs. Public Despair | Neuroscientist Tali Sharot

Cornel West: The Difference Between Justice and Revenge

Faith and Hope Are Two Different Philosophical Mindsets | Sam Newlands

3 Ways to Stop Racism: Diversity Exposure, Bias Intervention, Cross-Race Friendships | Lori Markson

What Hope Actually Meant to Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama | Andre Willis

The Prison Project: How Can You Restore Humanity In an Inhumane System?

Optimists Do It Longer: How a Positive Outlook Will Boost Your Longevity | Michael Scheier

Cornel West: Hope Is Spiritual Armor Against Modern Society's Spiritual Warfare

Want a Meaningful Life? Learn to Control Your Mental Attitude | Luc Bovens

Increase Your Brain's Will Power: Achieve Goals, Stay Focused, Resist Temptation | David Eagleman

What a Trip to the Psychiatric Ward Taught Me about the Nature of Reality | Yiyun Li

Get More Hope, Less Despair, and Move Toward Action with Mindfulness and Focus | Andrew Chignell

Overcome Negative Emotion Through Work and Meditation: Welcome to the Actors' Gang | Sabra Williams

How Hope Affects Relationships: Expectations, Obstacles, and Sharing Optimism | Eshkol Rafaeli

Big Pharma Doesn’t Treat Sick People, It Treats Rich People—Let's Change That | Nicole Hassoun

Manage Anxiety: Use Hope to Build Trust and Confront Disappointment | Victoria McGeer

Theater & Philosophy Rehabilitate Prisoners Better Than Harsh Sentences | Sabra Williams

How Capitalism Hijacked Our Emotions to Sell Stuff—and How We Can Reclaim Our Lives | Andre C Willis

Are We Born Optimistic? Or Is It a Coping Skill We Learn as Adults? | Lori Markson

Conquer Life's Challenges by Looking Inside Yourself | Cornel West

Healthcare Is a Human Right—Don't Let Economics Tell You Otherwise | Nicole Hassoun

Hope: Why We Invest All Our Energies into a Future We Can't Predict | Victoria McGeer

Leo Tolstoy's Lessons on Failure, Identity, and Asking "Why?" | Yiyun Li

How Suicidal Tendencies Spread Through Families and Classrooms | Jason Fletcher