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Frequently asked Questions

May an applicant apply to more than one funding initiative for which she/he is eligible?

Yes, applicants may apply to multiple funding initiatives. For example, one may submit an application for a non-residential fellowship to "The Philosophy of Hope and Optimism" funding initiative and submit an application for a residential fellowship to the "Hope, Optimism, and God" funding initiative. However, we discourage applications to both residential and non-residential fellowship programs within the same funding initiative. If you do choose to apply for both residential and non-residential fellowships (in different funding initiatives) please pay careful attention to the application requirements, which differ between the two fellowship types.

Are researchers at universities outside the United States eligible to apply?

Yes, applications from researchers at universities outside the US are welcome.

Are physician scientists (i.e., an M.D.) with a faculty position at an accredited medical school eligible to apply?

Yes, applications from physician scientists at accredited medical schools are welcome.

What are residential fellowships?

Residential fellowships require funded applicants to relocate to either Notre Dame (Hope, Optimism and God) or Cornell (Philosophy of Hope and Optimism) to conduct their funded research.

What are non-residential fellowships?

Non-residential fellowships are for research at a scholar's home institution. This research will not be conducted in residence at either Notre Dame or Cornell.