Glass Half Full Midpoint Collaboratory

On June 14-17, 2016, we held our Glass Half Full Midpoint Collaboratory at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. During the conference, we discussed our research, watched creative presentations from our Hope on Stage and Screen competitions, and benefited from an engaging and relaxing time of collaboration. 

We brought in the winning playwright (Georgette Kelly) as well as the two theater directors (Jessica Hanna for the L.A. production and Jeremy Webb for the Ithaca premiere) to be interviewed as part of a Hope on Stage and Screen presentation at Thursday evening’s banquet. They even gave a dramatic reading of a portion of Georgette’s play. 

We showed several of our Hope on Screen winning videos, including the grand prize short film by Keaton Davis which considers the role of hope in the face of Alzheimer’s. We also showed off our new animated project “trailer” video which is now up on our homepage. We filmed interviews of many of our funded researchers, and, over the next several months, will edit them into short documentaries that creatively tell the story of our research.

By all accounts, the conference was a resounding success!